Confidential Counselling and  Psychotherapeutic Support 


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Sometimes it's hard to shift the obstacles that stand in our way of happiness.


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We can take control and be in charge of our own destiny.

Maggie Hardy, MBACP 

My Approach

First and foremost, it is my aim to provide you with a safe and confidential therapeutic space where you are free to explore the issues which are troubling you at this time.  My aim is to be beside you at every step of the therapeutic process while you make sense of your world and the world around you.


My psychotherapeutic approach consists of drawing from psychodynamic, person-centred and existential theories. Having the ability to do so allows me to work effectively with a wide range of issues and in such a manner that is more suited to the client's needs.


Drawing from psychodynamic theory allows us to work through past experiences of childhood and how these experiences could be affecting our present lives and relationships. In having the ability to empathise with my clients I integrate the person-centred approach which means I am able to stay with the client and travel through their journey of self discovery and facilitate personal growth and congruence. This also coincides with the existential approach through which my aim is to be with the client at every step and again through self discovery leading to a more authentic self in which the client becomes better able to acknowledge and facilitate one's own beliefs and values while making sense of their inner world.


My Philosophy

My philosophy which derives from the existential approach is that we are all unique individuals and should be respected as such. Therefore, I do not judge my clients or make assumptions about their experiences and I equally respect their beliefs and values both personally and culturally.



My aim with my therapeutic practice is to provide a trusting environment and place of safety where clients feel secure in the knowledge that what they bring to the relationship is treated with confidentiality and integrity. 

Qualifications and Experience

BSc (Hons) Degree

Integrative Counselling



Integrative Counselling



Integrative Counselling

Counselling Skills and Theory


I have coniderable experience of working with a charitable counselling service and a homeless charity, supporting clients from many different backgrounds. I work with both male and female clients from the age of sixteen years onwards. I have experience of working with clients who present various issues including depression, anxiety, bereavement, isolation and sexual identity.


I regularly attend further training workshops which enables my practise to keep up to date with the latest therapeutic advances. These workshops include, working with character strategies, working with addiction, working with trauma and safeguarding young people.


Memberships and Ethical Practice

Member of BACP


Member of UPCA


Keeping up with ethical boundaries I am fully insured and put a written contract in place. This assures both client and counsellor awareness of issues such as confidentiality, agreed day and time of sessions, agreed length of sessions,fees, missed or cancelled sessions and notice to terminate therapy. 

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